ALDN-278 Mother and Ch¡ld’s Two-Person Journey- Maki Kyouko

Date: : April 20, 2024
Actress: : Maki Kyouko

ALDN-278 Mother and Ch¡ld’s Two-Person Journey- Maki Kyouko

Takahiro gets a job at a company in Tokyo, but his mother, Kyoko, who lives in the countryside, and Takahiro are good friends and go on a hot spring trip every year, but the father won’t go on the hot spring trip this year because he says his son and his wife are too close.

Although they are always close, they are petty. A mother and son have a rare fight over something like that. They spend an awkward time on a hot spring trip, but the two make up afterward. However, just then, Takahiro feels a stronger sexual desire for Kyoko’s body than ever before. The fight is the trigger for Takahiro’s mother to be of the opposite sex. Despite saying that it is wrong to be conscious of this and push for a relationship with lust, Kyoko also has a passion for her son that goes beyond the affection between parents and children due to the fight.In such a situation, they cannot suppress their desires and greedily seek each other out. 2 people…

[ALDN-278] たびじ 母と子のふたり旅 真木今日子

ALDN-278 Maki Kyouko

Release Date: 2024-02-27

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