DLDSS-275 While on a business trip, I shared a room with a senior office lady at a hotel where the air conditioner was broken…I was made to ejaculate all night by a sweaty slut. Nami Kuroki

Date: : February 2, 2024
Actress: : Nami Kuroki

DLDSS-275 While On A Business Trip, I Shared A Room With A Senior Office Lady At A Hotel Where The Air Conditioner Was Broken…I Was Made To Ejaculate All Night By A Sweaty Slut. Nami Kuroki

Nami Kuroki is an office lady who is good at her job, beautiful and has an outstanding figure. She is very popular at her workplace, but for some reason her favorite male employee becomes a shell of himself and quits… One day, Kuroki and her junior, Okada, accidentally booked a hotel on a business trip and ended up sharing a room with a broken air conditioner. Okada, who recently got married, was concerned about sharing a room with Kuroki, but she was forced to stay with him for the night.

[DLDSS-275] 出張先のエアコンが壊れたホテルで先輩OLと相部屋に…汗だく絶倫痴女に一晩中射精させられ続けたボク。黒木奈美

DLDSS-275 Nami Kuroki

Release Date: 2024-02-01

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