GVH-609 Forbidden Nursing Care Lauren Karen – Lauren Hanakoi

Date: : December 29, 2023
Actress: : Lauren Hanakoi

GVH-609 Forbidden Nursing Care Lauren Karen – Lauren Hanakoi

“I’m the one taking care of my dad.” Lauren, a foreign girl and her son’s fiancée, comes to visit her father-in-law. However, her father-in-law, just to test her, forces her to take care of him in an obscene manner! …However, the hard-working Lauren not only studies Japanese-style nursing care, but also surpasses her father-in-law’s imagination with ejaculation care that incorporates foreign techniques! The two gradually enter into a forbidden relationship… This is Japanese style nursing care, KINDAN KAIGO! #Team Leader P

[GVH-609] 禁断介護 ローレン花恋

Lauren, a beautiful foreigner girl visits the house of her boyfriend’s Dad: Yuji Yamada.

The old geezer pretends to be more senile than what he really is, and he begins to test her with some dirty jokes that led a blowjob faster than what he thought.

Things didn’t end there, because as he realizes that this Gaijin devil likes to get down he pushes his luck for creampie.

Bad grandpa really did it this time, holy fuck.

GVH-609 Lauren Karen

Release Date: 2023-12-26

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