LULU-246 “Are you a masochist?” My wife exposed my sexual kink and the sleeping slutty side of her, and the fire ignited in the former SM queen. Yuri Honma

Date: : October 23, 2023
Actress: : Yuri Honma

LULU-246 “Are you a masochist man?” My wife revealed my sexual tendencies and my dormant slutty heart was ignited.My busty sister-in-law, a former SM queen, controlled my ejaculation to the brink in our home alone, and became even more obedient as a servant. Record of scolding and ejaculation that turned into dick Yuri Honma – Really

My wife casually asked my sister, “My husband might be a masochist.” This word caused the former SM queen’s older sister to wake up! A husband who becomes addicted to the pleasure of teasing and teasing with a super slutty ejaculation management that he has never experienced with his wife… I keep getting erect because of the sense of control that my wife’s sister is controlling. Even though he is scolded, he ejaculates with his sister-in-law’s slutty technique! My husband, who became my obedient servant, offered his dick to satisfy my sister-in-law’s sexual desire.

LULU-246 Yuri Honma

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