ATID-401 A Sexually Frustrated Married Woman Gets Fucked – Saeko Matsushita

Date: : April 11, 2021
Actress: : Matsushita saeko

ATID-401 Saeko Matsushita

ATID-401 A Sexually Frustrated Married Woman Gets Fucked For 3 Hours Every Night By Her Next Door Neighbor – Saeko Matsushita

Saeko Matsushita is a married lady whose husband works from home literally non-stop.

Saeko is a housewife, so they both spend a lot of time together, but despite this, the husband neglects her in a major way and the couple has not had sex in a really long time.

Who hasn’t neglected her beauty is the single male neighbor that lives next door. He has noticed Saeko beauty, and after a groping incident at the front door, he gets encouraged by Saeko’s little resistance he pushes for more and auto-invites himself to her house…

Saeko not only not attempts to resist, but her sensitive body yearns for more. So she beings to expect him every night. Luckily for her, the young neighbor has lots of stamina.

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