[PPPD-320] That Summer Was Sizzling Hot JULIA

Date: : September 24, 2021
Actress: : JULIA, Julia Boin

PPPD-320 is an HD re-post request of this Julia sub.

The plot is set on a scorching hot summer, this is relevant for this story as it sets the mood for the whole video. And because Julia boobs dripping in sweat is the best thing about this whole video.

As I said, the protagonist is Julia, a married lady who lives together with a drunk husband. A violent dude who drinks too much and that often hits her (implied) and torment her life. One day, a male student neighbor stops by at Julia house to ask her for help and Julia helps him with a meal. They quickly connect as they see a mutual reflection of each others in the opposite. I think this tormented wife role fitted Julia well. Also probably because it fits her… acting range.

Shortly after, the young dude cannot help himself anymore at the sight of Julia’s magnificent boobs and jumps at her. Also because Julia told him she was single. Julia will end up protecting this dude. And the ending was also very fitting for her character.

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