Myfamilypies – Have Your Cake And Step Sister Too (Harlow West)

Date: : September 29, 2021
Actress: : Harlow West

Harlow West has been making bank on the sign showing herself off for her fans online. She is always looking for new opportunities to get some sexy content up. One of Harlow’s favorite things to do for her stream is to put various things in her pussy. Today, she has found her stepbrother Jay Romero’s vape. That’s enough of a dildo for this horny hottie. She shoves it deep and is in the middle of masturbating her way to a good time when Jay walks in and spots her. He takes his vape back and tries to get Harlow to explain why the hell she’s acting like this. Harlow tells him that it’s her mom’s house and she can do whatever she wants before she storms away.

Later, Harlow is making another video in the kitchen. This time, she has found a birthday cake and she knows it can be a great time for her fans. She kicks her vid off by putting some of the frosting on her nipples. When that just doesn’t seem sexy enough, Harlow takes the cake and sits on it so that she has icing all over her ass and pussy. The cake is ruined, which Jay sees when he walks into the room. He is just so hurt when he tries to understand why his new stepsister would want to ruin his birthday cake. When Harlow sees Jay’s reaction, she finally gets that she has gone way too far and that she needs to make it up to Jay immediately.

Harlow’s first apology is to offer to let Jay lick the cake off her nipples. Then she pops his hard cock out of his pants to suck for a birthday blowjob. When Harlow sees how nice her new stepbrother’s dick is, she is suddenly a lot more into having him in her home (and in her pussy). She can’t help but get Jay on the bench so she can ride him in both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Now that she’s had a taste of the D, Harlow is excited to see what else Jay can do for her. He squeezes Harlow’s tits and fucks her as she lays on her back with her thighs spread wide open. Getting on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding, Harlow rocks back to meet Jay’s strokes until she enjoys her own climax and milks Jay for a birthday creampie.

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