Alina Lopez, Ariana Marie – She Taught Me Everything

Date: : October 11, 2021

Even though roommates Ariana and Alina couldn’t be more different, they get along great and They share pretty much everything. When Ariana tells Alina she has made plans for them to chill by the pool for the day, she finds it strange that they sneak in through the back gate. Turns out that Ariana has a little more up her sleeve, and when the owner returns unexpectedly to find the girls getting up close and personal there is only one way this day is going to pan out.

Friends fiercely share a bald Brazzers in gangbang.

One girl decides to invite home not just anyone, but the most bald of Brazzers! But her friend is against it, because she is jealous of such happiness. But not a problem, the guy can be with two, so the partners will have to share a friend during the group sex, which they successfully do.

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