ATID-418 Beautiful Girl Came To Tokyo From The Country

Date: : May 29, 2022
Actress: : Hinata Koizumi

ATID-418 This Beautiful Girl Came To Tokyo From The Country And Is Now Receiving Breaking In Training Through Full Body Licking And Kissing Hinata Koizumi

In this movie, she came to Tokyo from the country side to look for her mentor after her parents passed away. She wants to move to Tokyo to get a Job since her mentor said there are plenty of jobs. But it’s an old address and the building is being torn down with only this one guy remaining in the building. He is unemployed, too old to get another job and can’t afford to move to anywhere else, landlord wants him out next week.

He was actually attempting to hang himself when she ask about the tenant in the building she was looking for. She is naïve and thinks he is a nice man and begs him to let her stay with him for a few days. As you can guess, being a lonely guy, he force her to have sex and takes all her money. Anyone of us would probably do the same if she is resting in the room!
They develops a bond and after a few nights, he lets her leave, returns the money he took from her and she heads back home.

ATID-418 Hinata Koizumi

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