JUQ-001 Ai Mukai Wife First Climax After Being Fucked By Her Brother-in-Law

Date: : July 11, 2022
Actress: : Ai Mukai

JUQ-001 NGR – Nagasare – Ai Mukai – Wife Who Knew Her First Climax After Being Fucked By Her Brother-in-Law

JUQ-001The story of the husband and wife of Soi is not very good at the climax of the wife.Ai MukaiA beautiful wife who has a husband when she has sex with a novice husband. Husband usually finishes quickly and easily breaks, making her never reach the climax. When she secretly sees her brother-in-law bringing Curry to the alley in a furious way She was extremely horny and had to secretly go and masturbate regularly. Secretly having sex when her husband saw it, she went in and arranged a big set of flashing lights for her. She liked it and was satisfied with her husband’s crush. and her husband also brought a friend to add to the fun for her as well as a 2 round 1, this event was definitely satisfying for her.

JUQ-001 Ai Mukai

Ai, who is serious, was not satisfied with her husband who has a special habit and secretly felt unsatisfactory. At that time, my brother-in-law, Bunta, suddenly visits my house. The playboy’s brother-in-law sees her help and argues ably … Indigo has a relationship with “only once” after being swept away by his mouth. After that, he refuses Bunta who relentlessly invites him, but the pleasure that shakes the whole body that her husband can never taste, the stimulus that scoops the vaginal wall is violently engraved on the indigo body.

Series: NGR ―ナガサレ―

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